A new beginning awaits everyone
A new morning everyday,
A fresh sun smiling at everyone
A gentle breeze blowing away.
The people retreat from their beds sheepishly
Feeling very sleepy,
As soon as they notice the sun,
They begin with their morn.
Sparks of thoughts emerge in minds,
Shocking them enough to start their jobs of all kinds,
Everyone buzzes of with a work
And a tweet to talk during the work.
The sun shines on them, brightly
Looking into their cheerful faces,
It is the sun who ignites them spontaneously
To make them start their day with a masterpiece.
The day goes on and on
And ends with the drowning sun
The stars come out at the dark
To give the people a nightly spark.
The peoplr retreat to their beds,
With the kids leading ahead
Fluffy pillows and warm blankets,
They cover the people within.
Then again comes out a new morn,
A new day to start with,
A new light on everyone’s face
And the sun bound with the people’s faith.
The lovely morning hangs out with delightful promises,
And pretty jobs to start with,
Thank you God that you gave us a new morn,
To hang out with everyday!


7 responses to “A NEW MORNING

  1. Oh! its very good



  2. Ya rite dear!!
    this depicts a level of maturity…
    and is certainly the besy amongst all ur pieces..

  3. Ya rite dear!!
    this depicts a level of maturity…
    and is certainly the best amongst all ur pieces..

  4. I just woke up, so this was good to read. (though the sun hasn’t risen yet, but it should soon!)

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