Just take a note on the title: GETTING A GLASSY LOOK. Isn’t it something odd to write down? But something very useful for all of us.

I am very fond of wearing glasses. They may be power glasses to goggles, all are my favourites. Until I got one for myself, I used to fool around in the class, wearing other’s glasses. But now, things have changed for me. I myself wear a glass of -0.75 for each eye. MYOPIA, hehe. I’m not very good looking, so wearing glasses did’nt make much difference to me, but my sister says me that I look like a monkey! Surely I’m not so bad looking as that. Nor I’m fond of calling myself a charming beauty.

I’m get trouble during eating with my glasses perched precariously on my nose. Then the steel glass hits my ”glasses”! I’ve to move around with them all the time and others want to try it. They take it as fun. All sorts of drama around me. ” Hey, Debu, lend me your ‘chasma’! What’s the power? Oh! you look very different! Your haircut matches with your new look!” Now I listen these wherever I go. Well, now I understand the problems people face after wearing glasses. We understand other’s situations after falling into the same prey.

Surely, I never got a glossy look, though I’ve a ”glassy” look to put on! Which one do you think: A glossy or a ”glassy” look is better? A crazy question, isn’t it?

A dog wearing sunglasses


4 responses to “GETTING A ”GLASSY” LOOK!

  1. Well then, are you happy with your glassy look?
    I liked your article.

  2. Hey I have a glassy look too..
    n i must tell u ppl think we are studious n professional n simple if we flaunt a glassy look..!!!

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