Hardwork and hardly working: Don’t they have different meanings? But they look very same.

We children think we have tons and tons of work to do: unending projects and homeworks. And our parents? When we are studying at 10′ 0′ clock in the night, they are enjoying T.V.! It’s really not fair at all!

Actually, what we think is wrong. Our hardwork is nothing as compared to theirs. Simply by becoming a teachers’ pet doesn’t mean that we are sincere and hard working. We are HARDLY WORKING.

Everyday, life passes away without much of our notice…no time to admire mere but important and significant things. We want a source of enjoyment when we return back from school. But do we ever think about helping our parents? No.

I can give an example that perfectly fits the situation. I was going for a city level competition. I got up, did my daily chores and simply set off with a disgusting note on my face: ”Food is not tasty at all. The whole day will be a waste.”  But I seldom thought about my mother who got up early in the morning for me and prepared food, arranged my clothes and polished my shoes. And I gave her a comment rather than a compliment. She manages a small scale industry along with all the house work. I don’t know how she manages it all, but atleast I should try to take care of the fact that I should always be grateful towards all her deeds for me.

So next time when you open your dictionary to learn the meaning of hardwork, beware!



  1. Hey Dear!!!
    im amazed at the kind of extraordinary writing skills u have developed over a period of one year…
    Proud to b ur Big SIS!!
    bt jus one suggestion…
    can u make the title of this one to ” Hard Work OR Hardly Working”…

    its such anice phrase that u have developed..hats off to u!!
    and this name will catch the attention of ur readers…

    But Im must admit..
    u R a much better writer than me…

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