Computers and laptops………the two cousins side by side are of a great help to mankind. Along with their sister, Internet, they have already rocked the world with all types of information, songs, pictures and a  lot more. They have also contributed to be one of the greatest causes of eye diseases like myopia & hypermetropia, back and neck pain, lack of concentration in studies, sluggish behaviour to society and true love for IT Land……………..etc. But the biggest question I have is: Which is better: A computer/a laptop?????

Once I paid a visit to my eye doctor. He instantly said my mother that I have mypoia because of long hours of getting glued near my PC. Before that he had asked me: ‘Do you have a computer in your home?’ Instantly, I said:’ No sir, it’s a laptop’……’What’s the difference between a computer and a laptop?’ Came the pat question on me. I was nerved, but then I found myself speaking again: ‘It is portable……’ That’s the only thing that distinguishes them but they are computers all the same. Be it desktops, laptops or palmtops, all are computers.’

Normally we refer Desktops as computers. We can enjoy them in our homes only. But laptops????Anywhere, everywhere enjoyment- that’s what I call them. And my Lenovo PC of grey color is one of my dearest friends, since it stays with me when I need information about projects, or blog or write emails to my friends. But still I seldom do justice to it. Whenever I face some problem using it, I refer to my friend Sonali, who’s a computer critic {computer again} for help. ‘I say, my computer has got a problem…….’ Even our computer class is called ‘computer class’ , because our comp. lab has only desktops. I wonder about the day when it’ll be called ‘Laptop class’, or maybe ‘Palmtop time’.

Old dear computer has still its effect on the population of this globe, though laptop is spreading its hands everywhere. People are buying more laptops because they are portable and are much more cute. I love laptops more, but what about you???????? Who do you think is actually better- computers/laptops?????????????



  1. nice post, still am loving my desktop pc for heavy duty :D,

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