There’s something about this game,

Which has earned so much fame.

 Cricket is the ultimate thing that we understand,

 For it we leave our work unplanned.

 There’s no antidote for cricket mania,

 People also forget the game of Sania.

But only helping hands and praying lips,

 Equipments and a few tips,

Overcome our fever

Which makes us excitedly shiver.

Hunger and thirst are forgotten,

Other necessities get rotten.

“Cricket and cinema are our religion’’, this is what Indians say,

For these they are ready to face any situation, comes what may.

 The glimmering lights and the jeering crowd,

Makes cricket feel truly proud.

And this world cup of 2011

 Graced India from the magic of heaven.

Indian players lifted the world cup with joy,

Other people soon engaged in the celebration by and by.

 When Dhoni hit a six,

The Srilankans were in a fix,

India won the game,

 A huge fame to claim.

This season is going to get all the more interesting,

 With DLF IPL in the clearing.

This game of glorious uncertainties,

Is the main cause of our festivities,

Play or pacify, that’s the way,

For a new achievement, a new joy.

Well, I don’t have any might for its continuation,

But this is, and will be my favourite; that’s my decision.

I hope this game of gentlemen

 Will get more popularity in the coming gens*.

Oh, this cricket fever,

Is going to end never.



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