Lizards are our neighbors, I know,

But they too trouble me, and give sorrow,

With fear and anxiety, I stare at one,

And pray to God that it may pass.

But one unfortunate morning that came by,

When I was in the bathroom

I saw a lizard, very close to me,

I closed my eyes not to see,

But surprisingly I noticed some traits,

Which I consider for my miniature researches as great.

It had little small claws,

As black as coal, without any flaws,

I looked back in surprise,

Since I had never seen one like this.

I was more terrified,

Began praying to God, and cried,

All the time it was glaring back at me,

Now I knew, it was easier to ward off a bee.

Then suddenly I put water on it,

It jumped and went out of the room,

I felt so great!

Then only, I could complete my bath,

Finally, the lusty wrath

Was out, and I was in

Bathing with a big grin.


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