The simplest things we need to do sometimes become the most important things of our life- as well as expensive and time consuming. And one of the simplest things is just to understand our responsibilities, but still it is an important job, since we all have got certain expectations from our family and friends.

I was to give an entrance examination for entry into class XI. The cost of the form was Rs 500/-. My mother purchased one. When she returned home, an admit card, an admission form and a prospectus, along with her handbag, tired face and a tensed mind were present with her. My mother strictly instructed me to read the prospectus properly and fill the forms accordingly. But I was feeling sleepy. Boredom was eating me from within. ‘Can someone die of boredom?’ I thought. So, being carefree, I read the prospectus absentmindedly. 4 photos were required: 2 passport size photos of mine and 2 photos of my parents. And that needed to be signed by a gazette officer. My father took care of all these. My parents signed on the forms. Everything was set for the form submission day.

The day arrived. My mother went to the school to submit my admit card and form in the hot sun. But unfortunately, she could not. Why? Because I had not provided my CBSE Xth Board Exam’s admit card and the bill!!!

My mother returned furious to home. She took the card, showed me the prospectus and said that all the things were necessary. Or else, I would not get admission. Her anger was right. Our house is very far away from that school, and returning back home and then going back to the school was just very tiring and exhausting. And look at my fate: I failed to clear the test! No admission for me in DAV schools in Bhubaneswar.

I understood a fact that day. Any work, whether small, big or insignificant, should be completed with full devotion and sincerity. It may be very useful. Just for my irresponsibility, my mother had to spend her time, energy, petrol, patience and peace of her mind. I was feeling sorry for myself. Where I was going to stick on with such a careless attitude? But whatever may be, I got my lesson that day. Responsibilities are made to realize and regularize. Such notes in life make us better. After all, learning from our mistakes is also our responsibility!!!



  1. I’ve read so many poems in books and magazines, but I love your poems the best!

  2. good lesson..I hope you are trying to be more responsible now..well written..

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