You must have learnt and heard about Mathematics, Economics, Mechanics……. But unsystematics? Well, I’ve made my own word, unsystematics, meaning lack of time management and a lot of unsystematic works around us. I was unable to understand this when my mother used to explain me about the systems management in our country, and how difficult it is to strive in there. She even challenged me that I cannot travel alone, nor I can do anything easy like she does. For eg. depositing money in the bank. So I was determined, ready to face her challenge, I agreed, and set afoot[with my punctured bicycle in the hot sun]. My mother gave me Rs 500/- and her passbook. ”Go carefully”, she advised. I was rather angry and replied reluctantly, ”I’ll show you what I can achieve”.

I went walking, carrying my cycle with me. Good heavens, when I reached the cycle store, it was closed for the day. ”Now I have to walk to the bank all the way”, I thought. The walk took almost 10 minutes only, but it was made worse by the sorching heat.  Soon, I reached my destination. I was exhausted and drenched in sweat, but I was happy. I went upstairs the building and into the bank. The bank was surprisingly clean and beautiful. I admired it. But I was not at all happy with their service. I approached a peon uncle to help me fillup the form. He agreed. I thanked him. I thought then that my work is over. But I seldom knew that I had to wait for 15 minutes more for another banker to arrive and who would take care of me.

I approached to the other present banker, but in vain. He refused, though my mother had said that he was a good person. Any way, I was sitting on the sofa, without a  breeze blowing on my face. It was looking like a ripe tomato with numerous dew drops. At last, that aunty arrived. Then she again made me wait for 10 minutes. Soon, the work was over. I was thrilled. I jumped on the stairs, onto the ground and walked off in a happy daze. But the walk was again tedious. I had started my journey at 9.45 am, and reached home at 10.30 am. Nearly one hour. So much fuss for such a deposit. If this is the case, then our time is getting wasted. And I solely blame the system our country has.

Everyone’s time is precious. We need to be punctual. But this doesn’t work well in our country. If I’m punctual, the banker was not. How many more decades would be required for this, I’m uncertain. In this case, a sense of time management should be knocked among people so that more productive works can be done in the remaining time. A sense of  systematic will be generated. And my definition would be declared rubbish.


2 responses to “UNSYSTEMATICS!!!

  1. True! Sounds like my country too 🙂

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