Since many days, I’m at home, waiting for my Std Xth CBSE Exam Board results. Within these days, it’s true that I’ve become a couch potato and get glued near my TV and laptop; but I’ve also got a lot of time to think apart classes and tuitions. There are many things that schools can, but they usually don’t care to teach since they consume time which can be used to inculcate education and sports in students. Here is my list of such activities: { if you have more ideas, then please drop down some lines:] }

1. SELF RESPECT: In this case, I’m talking about myself. I’ve got a stage fearness and it got worse when I reached Class X. Being the School Captain, I had to deliver a speech on the eve of Republic Day. But, just see my cursed fate, I forgot my speech, infront  of the whole crowd and the principal. I felt so embarassed that day. Year after year, competition for getting best in academics was increasing, so was my determination for achievement. My responsibilities were also increasing. So I eventually lost my balance and experienced the blues. But, after my family and friends confronted me, I was okay again and regained my self respect back. School teachers and juniors only commented on me.


2. TO BE SAVED FROM BULLYING: I’d like to thank God that I’ve never bullied or become a victim of bullying. I’ve read many articles about bullying, and how teachers and parents mistake it for just small fights between kids. But this can lead to the victim being depressed at later stage in life and the bullies being criminals. According to a new study, 30% of bullies consumed alcohol and did criminal activities 4 times more than the kids who aren’t. Infact, school is the starting place for bullying and now it has taken a new turn: cyber bullying. Eventually, the victim may commit suicide under peer pressure. In one year alone, 14 kids killed themselves because they were bullied in Japan. When the tormentors were arrested, they merely said, ‘it was fun’.

3. MONETARY VALUES: Schools often teach life values to children, but what the life’ll be without money? It’s rightly said that ” any fool can make money, but it takes a wise man to save it.” Children should be taught to save money, so part time jobs are the best option. But in a country like India, where unemployment is vast, part time jobs are difficult to come. I’m also searching job for last 2 months, but I’ve failed. I see my parents working hard, almost 10 hours a day. I avoid pocket money, I believe in ‘work and pay’ option. And all my saved money from running errands for my mother goes into the piggy bank.



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