Map of Orissa: Capital City: Bhubaneswar

The title surely misguides you……….I wasn’t roaming on the streets barefoot, dude!

Yesterday I was up at 4 am in the morning[I was myself shocked because during holidays, I don’t get up before 7 am]. I was feeling very sleepy, but mom woke me up with my sister. I didn’t want to leave my room, but sadly, I had to.

My mom has got a nice bathroom, unlike ours, it has got a geyser, great showers and Western toilet. In our bathroom, we have just the opposites. My parents occassionally use it[poor daddy] and I almost never use it. But my mom ans sis are so bossy that, to save time, I went to that bathroom[sniff!] Whatever maybe, we engulfed 2 chapatis and soya chunk curry. My mom had to wear a sari, and in this humid weather, it was awkward to wear. But still, she had to as she was going to daddy’s village[India, you know]. By 6, we had already started our journey. We picked up 2 of our relatives on our way at Cuttack and continued and continued…………………

The village is almost 260 kms from our home. We needed to put 17 ltrs of petrol to go and come back home. My cousin was sitting on my lap. He was busy eating my head, bellowing about anything and everything under the sun. I tried to listen to my Ipod to get relived from him, but he wasn’t understanding me. Soon, he started vomiting. Motion Sickness. I’ve also the same thing. My head was going round and round……I was feeling worse after I saw him. The journey seemed too long and long………… I was feeling as if my face had befriended the dust. I was feeling very awkward. Finally, after many minutes of restless sleep, we reached my aunt’s house. Her eldest daughter’s Ring Ceremony was going to be conducted. She seemed happy as she came out from the mud kitchen, choked with smoke. She was preparing food for us.

The village is like any other village of India-small mud and now brick houses, small pools, temples, not-so-nice schools, pucca roads, etc. Everywhere we could see goats grazing on the green lushed fields of rice plants. The village life was somewhat nice. The meat’s taste, the domestic pets and the kitchen garden-all spoke of the country life. frequent power cuts and no water pipe connnection: yuck!

The visit wasn’t so bad: we met so many of our relatives, ate yummy meat and spent quality time with our relatives[though there were some social conflicts, mom’s stomach problems and Nishi’s clip breaking tragedies which I dare not disclose…..because if I do, then you’d stop reading this] We returned back at 6 pm. Again, my motion sickness started. It was worse than the morning one, and nothing could make me feel better. But as soon as we reached Bhubaneswar, its wind seemed to cure me. It was like wonders on my hungry failing health. At 9.15 pm, we reached home, tired and exhausted. I vowed not to go there again, even if my cousin cries for my presence in her marriage. That’s enough. 7 hours of journey has nearly killed me along with the fear of the declaration of my results. Never again!!!!!

[I wish I could have shown you all the photos, but as my Internet connection is very slow, I can’t. Sorry!]



  1. Dibyaprakash das

    gud one deba……. the writing was gud but the topic was awesome n attractive ….

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