I’m in for a shock. While I was typing my article titled: THE UNIVERSE IS POSSIBLY ENDLESS, I was checking another blogger’s website. Her name is Jaan. I was surfing through it when my father noticed it too. He was sitting beside me. When he read her blog a bit, he exclaimed teasingly,”Look, a snake’s pic is in here. Must be a mad fellow like Babu!!!!!”

Now Babu is the pet name my father calls me by. It’s not only my pet name, he calls Babu to every shopkeeper he visits, every dog he sees and every passerby. Oh God, did he only get this name to call me? According to mathematics, I can make an equation using the contradiction method, but let it be.

I was deeply shocked by this fact. For him, its a joke, for others, its a job but for me, its like living my dream. Though I aspire to be a Space Scientist, my feet are still on the ground, and my eyes are on the writings. I tend to write about anything that comes in my mind, no wonder how silly it is, but I feel that it’s a good habit to share thoughts and ideas. [for details, see BEYOND THE KEYBOARD LETTERS]

We bloggers actually live in a world of lunacy, always wanting to write more and more. We seldom do think about hunger when we are blogging. For us, it seems to be our own world, our own virtual world. Like for example, I can write  a whole conversation with my sister and I know you’ll enjoy reading it:

‘Hey Nishi, can you please get me a glass of water?’

‘No, I’m sleepy. Why don’t you get it yourself?’

‘Oh come on, please give me some water.’

‘Since today morning I’ve been fetching you food, books, etc. Everyone cares about you, but no one cares about me!’

‘That’s not the point, Nishi!’

‘That’s the point. Your stomach aches. Then you need not do anything. But my hands are paining. What about that?’


‘You don’t have any words, don’t you? When you don’t do anything for me, then I won’t do too!!!!’

‘I’ve done many things for you. Who teaches you? Who taught you typing? Is it compulsory that when one helps you then only you are going to help her?’

‘Blah blah…..whatever, Teddy and Bunny are better than you, because they don’t shout at me!!!!’

‘They are lifeless. So they will never show you the right path in your life. Well, that’s your choice. What can I say?’

‘[Sob] Nani, I’m sorry….here’s your water….’

‘Hey cutie, don’t cry now…..let’s go to sleep.’

The above lines are actually not worthy of being written, but we bloggers can muddle up everything into a bundle and can make it into a source of entertainment and knowledge. Blogging has become a favourite for millions in the world. Actually, blogging is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever taken in my life. Inspired by my cousin[Resonner’s Blog], I started on my own. Now I can feel the difference between my writings last year and this year. Yes, I’ve improved!!!!!! And I’ve also made one of my friends to start blogging[Awesome Krishna’s Blog] That’s the best part of blogging: Encouragement.

So, I’ve finally proved that bloggers aren’t mad at all!!! It’s just that they are a bit crack persons:]


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