Today I’m really very happy. I’ve scored CGPA 10 points. 10 of my classmates out of 52 have achieved this credit. Now my photograph would be displayed in front of my school. My parents, friends and relatives are really proud of me. I’m also glad that I could meet their expectations successfully. I was watching news in the afternoon when the students were being interviewed about their grades. So my mother asked me ‘’what would be my response to such a situation?’’ I started in this way….

‘I’d like to thank my teachers, friends, parents and tutors for my achievement. I’d like to thank this and that…….’

Then an idea struck my mind: Why every time I’ve to say thank you to every person who owes something to me? When I was wished ‘congrats! , I had to thank everyone. Or else, it would be considered rude by my side.

Actually, saying Thank you is a very nice etiquette. There is no shame in thanking anyone. But chattering it every time gets a bit boring. As my friend Punyadhara says: How much I do try, but you’re such a stupid that you never forget to thank me! What a comment, I must say. I’m very much addicted to these words. I’m sunk. Most of my replies to emails and blog comments start with a vote of thanks.

My mother does every chore around the house. I help her by 20%. Whenever I do something, she thanks me. But I don’t deserve that, I think. This is my home, so it’s my duty to take care of it. But I always need someone to boss around so that I do my work properly:] And I do demand a thanks when I do something for someone but it shouldn’t be asked……silly me!

But we don’t thank others for a comment. Rather, we become more arrogant. I’m the biggest example:] Laugh at yourself rather than laughing than on others, then you’ll be a great personality someday. But we are the opposites!!!!

In the evening I went to the temple. It was closed. But still I went around the idols. My eyes were filled with the tears of hope and joy. I could say nothing to God but only this:


Many a times in our life, situations come when we manage to say only thank you: these two words express your gratitude for the other person. It’s music to my ears. So when my mom hands me my dinner, I’m cute enough to say Thank you! Or when my friend gives me a message, Thnx yaar is my reply.

Finally I can only say that to write this I needed the help of my internet connection: Thank you Internet:]


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