Strangers….always seem so different to us….suspicious, thieves, smugglers, kidnappers…..but have you ever thought how do strangers feel about us? After all, we are also strangers for them. This is one of my true life incident about strangers… I met them and what impact they left on my life.

In 2006, when I was in Class 6, I was travelling in a train in the Sleeper Class to Hyderabad. It was an one and a half day journey. I was very excited to see the charms of the city where the Nizam once used to reign. But my father had muddled up the things yet again and we had to face trouble. Sometime around midnight, two ladies came by and asked us to get up from our seats. A fierce battle started on with those two ladies and my parents. I was not being able to understand anything what was going on. My sister, then just five years old, clung to me, afraid. The TT  was called and we lost our seats. All these things for Daddy. Mom then shouted at him. It was justified too. Mom was travelling to another unknown place with two little kids and lots of luggage, but Daddy was invincible. Perhaps that’s why God made me their child to make me understand different personalities with fair eyes[I hope I do!!!!!!] When all the doors were closed for us, there was another Oriya family who gave us support. I don’t even remember their name. They shared their own seats with us, which is quite uncommon for people on trains. I was so afraid. After a few hours, we got down on our station and they went ahead. I could only manage to say Thank you. We exchanged our phone numbers. I don’t know where that phone diary is now. But I still think that wherever they might be, they would also be feeling proud about the good deed they did that day.

Whenever I chat online or comment in other’s blogs, I check their profile, but I’m unable to check their personality. Same problem must be there with others who visit my website. I hope you have ways to check out my personality!!!!!!

I’ve managed to write a poem on strangers:

Strangers are likely to be passengers,

Whom you never meet anyway.

They can be good or bad,

But how do we judge them?

Befriending them can be great

But then you have to check your fate.

Going on with your life is another option,

Which can be adjusted by you with a caption.

However may be,

Strangers are strangers; and will remain strangers

For all eternity.

{sorry if I’ve hurt anyone}


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