Getting in through my old school doors once again

Is such a dilemma……..

Memories hard to be forgotten

Turn my thoughts into an enigma……

I was flying high in the sky

But I’m on the ground again

Gracing the heavenly bonds

That strikes my heart within.

Friendly ties afresh my mind

I was of a silly kind

That I had made up my heart

To get ready to be stricken with arrows and darts.

I was missing my friends but now I’ll be missing them more

My heart’s not that brave, I encore.

My life’s turned again towards my past,

So I’ve yet again got a sore too fast.

12 years of amity burnt a hole

And no wonder my heart was stole,

Yet 2 years await me

I’ve got much more to see.

This time I won’t bother my friends to look at me

I won’t be used up again for free

Let all of them understand my weight

Only then I’d be able to settle up my fate.

Love you friends, this was for you all; you are my destiny,

I shall be yours for all eternity.



  1. A Great piece of write up!
    keep up the gud work!!

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