When will you behave like a big girl Nickie?’, is my mother’s first dialogue for me. She always has something or the other to say me like; ” You are good for nothing” or ” Don’t you dare do that. You’ll create a mess here and my work’ll be doubled”. Strangely, I think she doesn’t think that there’s a big mess in my head. My brain. Scattered and torn, its cerebrum, cerebellum are out of the skull. So things are going out of my mind. Don’t think so much. I’m not ravaging mad!!!

From childhood itself, I’m a bit childish. Immature, as one of my classmate used to say me. I would get angry, but at the same time overwhelm with joy that I’m not like her or those other girls who are fashionable and move around the school as if they own it. I like my own self. I am what I am. I still play with dolls, have tea parties with my sister and I’m crazy about Ben 10[Yesterday I got the Gems Surprise Pack where the jumbled GreyMatter toy was awaiting me!]. I pestered mom till she agreed to get one. But she had a new dialogue this time: ” Don’t you feel ashamed that you’re going to read in Class 11 and still playing with toys?” I did feel a bit bad, but no worry. I always get these spankings. I’ve got used to them:]

That’s the matter[no, it’s not GreyMatter this time]. My former school where I used to read wasn’t Senior Secondary. So I had to get admission into a new school. Since I’ve scored CGPA 10 in my CBSE Xth Board Exam, it wasn’t difficult. But my new school is very far away from my house. And now my old school has got affiliation to open classes for XI and XII. I’m least interested for my old school, but my parents are pinning me to study there because it is near to my house. I don’t want to study there again. I’ll tell you why.

  1. I’ve become a bit smart. Last 3 years were very troubling for me. There were a lot of strifes between me and my friends, and since I was a member of the School Cabinet, it made the matters worse. So now after I took so much time and pain to forget those bitter memories, I have to again recall them in my old school. Very painful.
  2. The XI batch is new, and we’ll be an experimental batch. Staff and lab quality is unknown to me till yet.
  3. The fees is more.
  4. My former school is not so good, but still I love it. It’s a part of DAV Managing Committee and the youngest schools of Bhubaneswar. I’ll really regret if I spend my 2 years here again in the same school.
  5. My school needs donations, so I’m thinking whether they’ll take me or would like to have new students. [I’ve no intention to ruin my school’s reputation]

Aren’t these five reasons enough? But still, I’m in a dilemma. Even after having so many points in my head, I’m confused. I don’t know what’s good for me. Will it be better if my parents take decision? Or has time come for me to be decisive? I’m a kidoo who even doesn’t know what to buy at a clothes store. My mom chooses for me. Will I take the perfect decision? Will my head be all right? Oh my God, when will I learn to be decisive?

Pooh, that’s enough for today. Now I’ve taken a decision that I’ll go and play with my doll house rather than write anything more or else my head’ll burst:P

I’ve written a poem on the topic to convince my mother-

Thank you mummy for supporting my decision,

To make you proud and happy is my mission.

You are the one to cheer my decision first,

I’m so glad to have you right from the start!

I’m sure you’ll make me smart,

With love, your naughty little brat!!!!

But still, no one’s agreed to send me there because of transportation and a bit odd reputation about the school……..

Well, everything has its’ own +ve and -ve points…….

So I guess, it’s DAV for me again….

I’ll be back to DAV!



  1. I’m so happy that my parents finally got convinced to support me with the first big decision of my life. I’m so glad to get parents like them!!!!

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