Stories: Well, these small reading pieces take our imagination to such an extent that whatever we read seems true. Ah, the aroma of plotting, with the mixture of friendship and fights make stories a more like of gossip. Well, I’ve also a habit of gossiping, so be ready! I’d like to start from when I was 11 years old. Here it goes…….

When I was in Class 7, my class teacher would always make me sit near the boys. I did never mind, because if teacher felt it all right, that meant that I was a fine kid. Once I had to sit at the last bench with 2 guys, Pradosh and Sai Siddhant. They could not avoid me for more than 2 days, so we were best pals during the end of my 7th grade. During math classes, we would chuckle and cut paper pieces and play randomly. The teacher did never caught us. We did also never got tensed because of our timely Homework and classwork submissions. That felt good! One of those guys thought that I was spying the whole class with my teacher. So they called me Spi! I don’t know actually what’s the meaning, but they use it as a short form for Spider. Really I’m not a black widow or tarantula!!!!!

But there’s another story to it. Whenever new classmates came, I would befriend them, because I felt those new guys would be feeling pretty lost around the school. And making friends is always such a good habit! That’s when I met my friends, Swagat, Pratyush and Aishwarjya. I was also made to sit with them. Some girls used to hate my carefree attitude madly, but Sonali was along with me all the time. Best friends! So, Swagat and Aishwarjya would push me off the bench and watch the fun. It was rather a sort of disgusting part, but one day I let off a tantrum. And that seemed to work! They stopped bothering me in that way, but always tease me!


There’s yet another bug in the story. A guy named Dipti[he’s very naughty and there are really no words by which I can scold him! Sheesh!] once slapped me, because I had said something which I shouldn’t have, but you know, me and my big mouth. I don’t have the art of speaking really. People like to talk me, but I don’t seem to have a little bit of power on their decisions. So I was shocked. He always tried to scare me out of my wits, but I’ve grown out of it. Now he’s perhaps become better, I hope so. But I’ve still a sadness that I couldn’t win any prizes that year.


In class 8, there was a rush of new friends: Suman, Suchismita, Sushree Kiran, Punyadhara, Sanak, Purab[the sweet and cute round apple pie]!, Priyanshi and Snigdha[left the school]. It wasn’t difficult to handle so many friends, but it was such a delightful experience! Just imagine being a girl who has friends throughout the class. My befriending trick went so badly on Punyadhara that she even consulted me for buying books with her father on my relative’s phone number! Cute, isn’t she??? Then there was Singdha. She always never got hold of me and Sonali! Always used to sing Telegu songs she overheard from her brother! Suman and Sushree Kiran are pretty and strong girls. Always used to consider me as her best friend! And as for Suchismita, we used to call her Chhunci[needles!].

A group photo of me, Subhrasmita[one of my best friends at Dav Pokhariput], Silvie, Suman and Anwesha[St. Xaviers]

I was never really afraid of boys, even when they were all around. I had no idea about the violence, so was the case. But still I had a great faith on my friends. Infact most of my friends are guys, so I always roam around like a cool dude. Girls like it!

Just in my 9th standard I was plunged into deep friendship. I was in a group[solely, I was the only girl in a boys group] which tended to be permanent. Little did I knew about the plot that was cooking. There were five of us: me, Swagat, Dibya, Sahashransu and Sanak. And sometimes Aishwarjya. We made projects together. I thought that these glorious lies were to last on forever.

Purab and Sahashransu

Well, I’d like to talk about Nilofar, the academic star of the class. Next in line were Pratyush, Swagat, Abhisek and a lot more. Don’t forget me! We were a type of friends, but still a type of enemies; like Betty and Veronica in Archies comics. I loved her, but sometimes disliked her attitude. But still, she wasn’t a bad guy after all. I love her.

Nilofar[in the yellow dress]

Everything started to go wrong after 9th class. I had made a bad performance, with a score of 9.2[compare it to this year’s score of 10! one of the best!] and had no prizes to my credit, unlike Class 8, where I was lucky to bag 3 of those beauties! In Class 10, my friendships shattered, with Silvie and Priyanka coming in the way. I love the duo, but still, they made a big mess in which I got entangled. Dibya wasn’t talking to me like before, not also with his best friends. I sensed something was wrong, so I straightway complained to the Supervisor about his behaviour and also added that he had Ipod and camera with him in his school bag. Needless to say, the whole class was furious at me. Again it was my mistake. I shouldn’t have poked my nose in other’s buisness. But well, I’ve learnt it in the harder way. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Also I was discarded from my so called permanent team. I was shattered. Forever. I felt sudden pangs of depression in my mind. My friends started to turn their backs away from me. My board exam was around the corner. I’ve scored CGPA 10[above 91%]. Everyone are happy. But still after that incident, Punyadhara, Dibya and Sonali kept calling me. Punyadhara also gives me pretty messages on my mom’s mobile!. I was so happy! It was like I had got everything in the world.

Punyadhara Pani


But as I was to choose my own new school, things changed. Swagat, Purab called me up to change my decision. It has been like that. I had always worked on the ideas of Swagat. But he wouldn’t recieve emails and calls from me. But now, everything’s changed. So what’s the mantra to friendship? Glory? Success? Fame? Well, I had fame in my school as a member of the School Cabinet. But success has come to me recently. Well, I can’t doubt you, old pals. It’s so that I love and respect your friendship, that if you do a bit from your side, I would have been elated. But I’ve got a bit smarter. I’ll surely wait for you, Swagat. One day you’ll really understand me. Then we all can be indispensible friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

My photo during Diwali


  1. na kavi dekhi thi apko,na kavi janti thi,
    na jane kaise mulakat ho gayi apse,
    aur apki v achhi ban gayi humse.
    lagne lage aap sabse nirali,
    aapki aur hamari khub masti chali.
    zindagi chahe ruk jaye,dharti chahe phat jaye
    par aapki aur hamari dosti kavi na tut paye.
    yahi dua hai khuda se dost
    ki aap yuhin muskurati rahen akhri sans tak…

  2. I just came up to your blog someway, loved it all after reading several pages. Thank you

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