Today, when I woke up in the morning, it was the rain who greeted me……

It washed down my feet and flowed through my arms,

Just like a summer retreat.

The tiny rain drops trickled down my specs and made it difficult to see through.

But I was clearly able to see the reality within.

The flowers, once in their majestic form

Were soaked to the extent,

Plants were bending like a servant by the king,

Or, what else, could I have expected?

The rain can wash lives and livestock,

But couldn’t wash my memories…….

It can bring happy days to the farmers,

But ignite sadness in me……

Flooded streams with toads croaking,

This was not what I bothered,

All I bothered was this lonely day and had quietly sobbed.

When on a rainy day I hated to wake up for school,

Today I was wide awake and stared in the direction of my school.

The gentle breeze crossed my face,

My hairs were out of their place, but I didn’t mind,

Those keratin fibres emitted a spark in me,

It was through them that I could see.

I had stuck my face with them in the class,

To avoid being a joke in just a flash.

How much can jealousy drive you?

Can it, to such an extent, that I’d feel sorry for myself?

Or for them, who are selfish within?

Whatever it maybe, O dear rain, I feel you’re special for me, really,

It’s infront of you that I can pour out my heart so freely!

Send your vast wishes to me so that I can be bold

To feel the inner feelings which have been knocked out by cold,

Send your waters to wash me by,

So that no one can see my tears when I cry……………….

Good day, dear rain, have a great day,

One day it’ll be you, who’ll mix my body in the soil of the bay.




3 responses to “RAIN, I FEEL YOU’RE SPECIAL…………..

  1. It’s actually very interesting thing that when I just finished writing this poem, the rain fell very harshly! Is it an effect of the supernatural????

  2. What a beautiful poem! And those two picture look lovely.

    Your site is very unique. Yes, I would like to be your friend.

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