Getting to know thy soul

Is such an experience

That lets you ahead of others,

But you still lag behind.

You get to know about your birth,

But again get notified of your death.

The spirit inside you is a unique one,

We all are uniques,

We struggle to be like others

But actually, who bothers?

In this vast, yet tiny life

We get many things to see,

The births and deaths astonish us,

But yet we are to know the truth within.

The world’s a great stage and we’re merely actors,

We are given roles to try out,

One role goes and comes another,

If it gets bad, there’s no need to ponder.

When things really go to get worse,

Believe in God, and complete the course.

Without your knowledge, one day your acts will vanish into thin air,

You’ll be lost somewhere, without a care.

Who knows when you’d arrive again in a new style?

A new character?

The directors and producers will never mind,

Because they have seen things of such kind.

You’d be the only one alone.

So, let’s start from today,

The art of pray,

Pay for all the sins when you’ve got pain,

And reap happiness for your best.

This is the reality of life,

Here you have to live by and by.

Let your sadness be washed away and happiness stay,

Peace thrive and conscience strive.


4 responses to “GETTING TO KNOW THY SOUL

  1. I love this outlook on life. Everybody should try to make everything of life as they possibly can.

  2. Amazing no other word to describe it 🙂

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