The above topic sounds a bit like of a mysterious story………but it isn’t. This is a little story about my doggie Blackie[she’s no more now]. :[ :[ :[

I was born in 1996. Blackie was born in 1997! She was only 1 year younger than me. Before my sister was born, she was my real playmate. I loved her dark black and brown fur, the soft coat and her lovely big eyes. She was a ferocious dog somewhat, but still was sober.

My father had bought it at Rs 8000/-, a huge price at that time. I don’t remember much, but I do remember that I liked to ride on her back! Once she had bitten me a bit because I had put my hand in her mouth. I didn’t mind anything but that injection. She would greet me when I’d arrive from school. I’d give my lunch and snacks to her. And she ate them, without any hesitation.

During the 1999 Super Cyclone of Orissa[you all must be knowing about], we all were sitting terrified in our homes. Blacky occupied a sofa and ate chapatis. She was quite frightened as I was. But still, she didn’t mess the house. My mommy hates dogs, but all of us love pets. She has a reason to hate because she had to take care of it.

After some days, she was sent off to my uncle’s house[father’s younger brother]. We had settled up a poultry farm buisness for him and so he needed Blackie. She never hesitated on this decision. She too settled there comfortably. She never ate the chickens until one was given to her. Whenever we went there, she would jump over us and greet us!

Blackie was never fussy about food. Chapatis, meat and Pedigree were her favourites, but she ate anything that was offered to her. She had given birth to 12 doggies. Many were sent off by my uncle. We got one too. But due to the lack of our attention towards Honey[his name], he died. He was buried next to our house[We’ve left the place].

Once Blackie had eaten a frog. Food poisoning and vomiting troubled her for 2 days. I was really scared when the veteraranian came over. But everyone has an end. Blackie died in the year 2009. She was diseased and my uncle’s family was too not well as their son was in the hospital. In the midst of all this negligience, she passed awayat the tender age of 13. Her little sweet memories will never fade off from my mind. Whenever I see an Alsitian, I remember her. I’m sure that God’d have made her a star. She was my star. My little angel.

Blackie somewhat looked like this[I have her photo in print, but I don’t have a scanner]


4 responses to “BLACKIE BLUNDERED!

  1. What a lovely post I almost cried when you said she has died!

  2. Sorry for your loss of a good friend. I share your sympathies, I too had a dog that was everything to our family who died of old age. Shadow was her name. . . She was a little Pug with a heart the size of a Great Dane

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