Hey! Today I’m in a crazy mood! So I’m gonna write down the most absurd things I’ve ever done in my life!

  1. I ate a big, black ant when I was 2 years old.
  2. I bit my cousin’s hand while sleeping, thinking that she was the villian of my dream.
  3. I jumped off the big fence today to fetch my sister’s ball which was lying inside a heap of rubbish and fast growing and not so useful plants.[monitors and insects rule that land. Creepy!!!!]
  4. I had hit my uncle’s ear with a hard toy when I was 7 years old. He was sleeping then.
  5. I accidently threw my sister off the bed and she injured her head, when I was 7 years old. You can still see the mark near her left eyebrow.
  6. I tried to climb a hibiscus plant but fell down badly.
  7. I complained to my supervisor about my classmates bringing in cameras and ipods to school[now this is really…….Well, I don’t know what to say]
  8. I had argued with my teacher to increase my English grades.
  9. I broke my mom’s favourite plant pot and tried to put the plant back in it.
  10. I ran off shrieking, seeing a tree frog.
  11. I would play teacher-teacher for hours, when I was just 5 years old:]
  12. I used to sit and ride on my doggie’s back.
  13. I once held my friend Sonali’s collar and held her up for two minutes. She was gasping for breath.
  14. I bellowed everything I know about my mother infront of my friends.[I know this is so absurd!]
  15. I regularly used to sing and dance in my class!




  1. Really after writing this post I’m feeling that how craziness and madness can drive you to such an extent!:]

  2. LOL, some of these made me laugh really hard!

    Oh, and just so you know, you’ve inspired me to start writing a more thoughtful blog like yours! I would give you the link, but since it’s a personal blog, I’m probably not allowed to… Yeah, I started writing it about a year ago, and then quit after only a few months. But I decided to start doing it again, and it kinda makes me feel good. I can’t really explain it but…yeah, it’s nice to get my thoughts out in an orderly way, and let others see it, too! (not to mention, one of my best friends really enjoyed reading it, so that makes me happy 😀 )

    • Thanks for so much of praises! I’m feeling like I’m in the air!!!!!!
      Well, my blog isn’t exactly thoughtful, but if you recommend it, then it might be………
      You know, my parents think that I write odd things in my blog. My father laughs at me, my sister seldom cares to peek in my blog…….
      In this case, I’m a bit doomed……but you’ve made me confident again!
      Thank you Shayna!!!!!!

  3. Aw…no problem! I know the feeling, my BEST FRIEND told me once that she didn’t think anybody would ever read my blog (Forever Eternal), and that made me really depressed, but at the same time it made me more determined to advertise my blog around. And of course, it was worth it, because you found it, and I also found your blog. 🙂 I say if you love writing, then don’t give up, no matter what!

    • Thanks! I visited your blog today. You focus on music. I love music, and have won many prizes in school. But still it took me some time to understand your blog. You’re following a band: Wonder girls, right? If yes, then your choice is great. My personal favourite is Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana.
      I can’t download songs or watch videos online because my internet connection is very slow. So I can’t make most of your blog. But the song lyrics that you have collected are really nice.
      Keep up the good work!!!!

      • I’m pretty much just uploading as much music as I can find. But since it’s a work in progress, I mostly just have Selena Gomez and a lot of Asian pop (I love j-pop and k-pop). I have been posting quite a bit of Wonder Girls, because I LOVE the Wonder Girls (they’re one of my favorite groups). If you want, I’ll see how much Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana music I can find and post them! I used to be a REALLY big fan of her (not as much anymore, but I still think she’s ok)

      • That’s fine, I like Selena as well but I have heard only 1 song of hers in Disney channel………
        Well, focus on your passion.
        Would you like to put on some Indian songs?
        If you want, I’ll send them through your email id, ok?[i’ll try]

      • Sorry, my e-mail has stupid parental controls, so if you send it to me it won’t go through. 😦 But if you want you could send some in at the website. I’d love to post some Indian songs (I’ve never heard any, but I’ll post pretty much any, as long as it’s appropriate)

  4. Today i knew a lot of funny things u have done. He he he.:-)

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