I came across a turn one day,

The day I came to my new house.

A deserted road, seemed to await me

Meanwhile, the sky had turned gray;

I was humming a tune, cycling,

In the midst of houses with lush green gardens

All alone….with the wind

I burst in a fury of speed

And raced along that road.

A small graveyard, with 3 white painted structures,

Stood under the sky

Their masters, resting in eternal peace.

How I felt jealous of them!

Far away from the dramatic circumstances of this world,

They lay peacefully in the lap of mother earth.

I just went back and forgot about them.

Years later when the whole neighborhood proclaimed

The death of 2 residents within 7 days,

I was shocked.

My mind raced back to that old memory

Of the graveyard.

Next time when I went cycling,

I stopped by and started chatting.

“My friends, someday I’ll join you,

May be not here, but somewhere else

In the land of afterlife

If there was any.

Today I want to ask you, Oh God!

Why did you had to steal a mother from 3 kids,

And a father from the hopes of a 1 year child?

Didn’t you get any one better?

Your thoughts are so bitter, O Lord.

You shattered lives.

You created them.

What’s the fun then?

I know your rules, I’ve to stick to them,

But please, not with the help of these dirty games.

I shriek out to you, dearest graveyard,

I’ve nothing to say at all.

Your silence silences me.’’


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