Amongst all the people I’ve met
My mummy is the best one, I bet
Dark colored, she’s a cutie pie
She never remains shy
The whole day long, she works for my comfort
Though there’s no one for her support
she’s cheerful all the time
She’s so sweet, when she calls me out for dinner at nine
A best friend of mine
I think, to fight for her rights, there is no crime.

My mummy has a big tummy
She cooks food which is very yummy,
Wearing a salwar kameez,
She sits on the verandah to get some cool breeze
Admiring her papaya tree,
Which makes her relationship with me very free .
My mummy is the best in the whole world
No one is there with a heart such bold .

My love, my life
In your absence, I feel like someone is tearing my heart with a knife
My body, my soul
Without you I’m a beggar with a bowl
Standing, standing in the open air
I wave my arms to you
You come & hug me
With all your love & affection
Your true devotion, your passion
Has always been greeted by me
To make you happy is my mission
The whole day, your face is only what I see.


Fear is emotions which all have. Even the bravest of the braves fear from something or the other. To say the truth, I fear almost everything in this world.
My fears became worst when my mom was operated in the hospital for her ear operation. I was afraid. My mom was going to be all right, but what can overcome the fear of a child? My mom went to vizag for her treatment. My grandmother, I, my younger sister and our maid were at home. My sister used to cry by holding mom’s photo that was kept on the middle shelf, hugging and kissing it a hundred times. I didn’t cry, but I prayed to God to make her all right and send her back home.
Finally the great day arrived. We were waiting anxiously for her to come. We all were in the drawing room, opening the door time and again to see whether our car arrived or not. Mom was back, with a big smile on her face and with a covering on her left ear. We were so happy. It was during her absence I understood her value and all her sacrifices and deeds for me. We took care of our mom and now she’s okay.
So, I learnt from this incident that we understand the value of someone in his/her absence.


7 responses to “A TRIBUTE FOR MY MOTHER

  1. ur mom’s gonna b so proud!!!!!!

  2. U ought to put her picture along with u two..

  3. Sabita Satpathy.

    like it Love u.

  4. you write pretty well young lady 🙂

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