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“Ek Chhoti si khwaish” literally means a small wish; but for these children of God, it means much more.

This Sunday, as the whole world celebrated  the UN International Day for the girl child, our captain got a brainwave. He wanted the day to be a memorable one for the RON Bhubaneswar Chapter. He wanted to do something special.

“Let’s  plan an event”, he said.

The planning had been done just the day before. My RONmates were busy buzzing around with shopping for gifts and the girls were busy making cards.

We reached Asha Kiran, a home to twenty two  little girls, by 4 p.m. on Monday, 12th of Oct’15. The orphanage is situated inside a neighborhood, with lookalike houses.  Their residence is a 4 roomed house with a kitchen, a washroom and a terrace. They have 3 people to take care of them. The rooms are filled with the girls’ books, toys, clothes and stationary. The space might be limited, but their hearts are not. Every visitor is welcome to their abode.

I was brimming with excitement as this was my first RON event. We were so happy to see cute yet anxious faces. At first, the girls weren’t responsive but slowly as we started talking to them in Odia, they opened up. We enquired about their personal details like their name, class and school. I took out my laptop and they played the Cut the Rope game in it. Other RONmates selflessly gave away their mobile phones for nearly 1.5 hours so that the girls could play Candy Crush Saga 🙂

Our group leader Vishma had brought in his laptop as well, loaded with the Tom and Jerry shows. All the girls were assembled in the living room for the “matinee show.” Each and every one of us had a great time watching the ageless cartoon show. Everyone had a child like smile on his/her face. It was as if we Engineering students too had gone back to our sweet childhood 🙂

As it started getting cooler outside, all of us decided to go to the terrace and have some fun. Everyone was busy with something or the other. Some people were playing Tic Tac Toe. Some were playing with the phones. And the others climbed up on Manas to take a small horse ride 😀

Back inside the rooms, we decided to play the cup game, a game synonymous with RON. A few Pepsi cups are stacked and one of the cups is colored red. The person who gets the red cup first, wins. Bharthi won the event and we gave her a present!

Around 5 p.m., we decided to distribute them the gifts which we had lovingly carried all the way from our hostels. The gifts, topped with chocolates, chips and a self made card, became an instant hit with the girls. The room was lively, filled with their inquisitive voices: “What might be inside the wrappings?”

This might sound as a normal event to others, spending time and gifting kids in an orphanage, a one day event, but it was not so. We wanted a long term association with Asha Kiran, a loving home for every child. Hence, we decided to gift them the Wish Tree. The Wish Tree is nothing but a painting of a tree with lots of leaves. The materialistic wishes of the girls were noted down and the same were pasted onto the leaves. So, in this way, we shall stay connected with our new friends and shall work harder to bring a smile onto their beautiful faces.  Now, it is our responsibility to help the modest dreams of the girls come true. Nischal bhaiya even left his number with the authorities so that they could contact him at the time of distress.

The event finally came to an end with a photo session. Nothing beats the day’s tiredness like some snapshots do! Our photographer’s work was well appreciated, for he was the star of our show 🙂 These memories shall be in our hearts forever, frozen in time, warmed up with love and humanity. We had to leave the place with a heavy heart, thanks to the heavy downpour shortly afterwards.

“Spreading happiness at the cost of one’s own happiness.” 🙂

The day I was born in India, India was born in me, I can feel it running in my guts when I am angry and throbbing through my veins  when I am glad. I am India and India is me, starting today I have decided that I will not point fingers at anyone instead those fingers will be pointed at me. I am the system that doesn’t work, the pothole on the road that doesn’t get filled, I am the FIR that doesn’t get filed, I am the bridge that doesn’t get built. Everything that is wrong in this country starts with me.

I am India and India is me.


Be the change you want to see in the society. Go RON!