Today I’ve got you all some of the coolest professions you can join in from the comfort of your homes, without getting dressed for the office and getting late due to the heavy traffic. And of course, all the credit goes to hi-tech savvy internet, cell phones and computers. This post is most suitable for female professionals who want to give their families a first priority than their job, but want to earn as well. The best thing is that you can work in your pajamas!! [These professions are subject to within my knowledge]

FREELANCE WRITING: This is preferably the first option all of us opt for. Since everyday the technology is growing, so everyone wants to be published on the internet. Here are the top 10 freelance writing websites[ Source: Wikinut ]

2- FreelanceWritingGigs.com
3- Experts123.com
4- BreakStudios.com
5- KnowledgeWriting.com
6- WriterAccess.com
7- Freelancer.com
8- WriterAccess.com
9- ConstantContent.com
10- WikiNut.com

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Another cool thing to do. With the population increasing everyday, people need more homes. So apartments are coming up. And if you become a real estate agent, then you provide people the best offers and earn suitably from home. Many websites like Olx are providing facilities for selling and buying properties. So have your try here.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: This upcoming profession is really economical. You can manage your home office with just 2 computers with internet connection, a cellphone, a scanner and a printer. Just don’t agree to work without payment first, or else your design would be displayed in the newspapers, but without your courtesy!

HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANTS: One of my aunt based at New Jersey, USA is a HRD. A HRD takes on orders online, works them out and gets paid accordingly. It’s an 18.4 billion industry worldwide emerged from management consultants as clients’ needs are getting on complex. Qualifications as stated under: [ Courtesy: Wikipedia]

  • Accountancy: ACCA, CA, CPA, CCA
  • Actuarial: EA, ASA, FSA, MAAA, FIA, FFA
  • Educational: MS in Management/HR/Industrial Organizational psychology, MBA, Ph.D. in Management, DBA, J.D.
  • Finance: CFA
  • General consulting: CMC
  • Health and benefits: CEBS, CCP, CBP
  • Human resources: Various certifications SHRM (US) CHRP(Canada) (e.g. PHR, SPHR, GPHR); MCIPD.

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