With the schools reopened, the parents are happy that the kids would not be around to eat their heads any more, but the thought of the school expenses will be the cause of their headaches again. While some amount of money has to be spent on kids while at school like school fees, uniform, books etc, it is not at all necessary to spend unnecessarily on canteen food, new clothes every year and so on. Here too, with a little planning one can easily save some money for the next academic session. Here’s how:

1.       Make a list from the beginning of the session: what are the basic requirements and what are the additional expenses. Chalk out the plan and spend accordingly.

2.       Avoid canteen: Canteen foods are usually loaded with fats and oil. So it is better to give your child a healthy snack as lunch. Healthy foods like chapatti, bread, fruits will fill the stomach and hence the students can concentrate well in the classroom. Many schools acknowledge this, like my school.

3.       Use old school notebooks for rough work instead of selling them off to the raddiwalah.

4.       Get school books and previous year question papers from senior students. Or else, buy from online stores. They always offer a discount.

5.       Instead of buying new reference books, try to find information from the library or internet. School library is a great way to utilize the reference books. However if your child is in a senior class then keeping reference books handy is absolutely mandatory.

6.       Hand me down uniforms can be used if they are in a perfect condition. Buy uniforms not cheap, but which last long and make sure that your child does not outgrow them. The same rule goers on for other uniforms, bags and shoes.

7.       Selling old books is a great option if you do not have any sibling to share with. Or else, give it to your junior under subsidized rates.

8.       During the starting of the session, buy ever thing in bulk like stationery. This is less costly than buying them one by one throughout the year. Using discount coupons can come very handy here.

9.       Cycling or walking to school is a great way to save money and fuel. It gives your child some exercise as well. This is a preferable option if your child stays near school. Or else, carpools are also welcome.

10.   If you want to really reward your child for say, completing her homework, cleaning her room or mowing the lawn, it is better to give them a comic or a chocolate as a reward instead of pocket money. But if your child handles money with caution, then giving him pocket money will make him financially literate.

11.   Gifts to teachers on various occasions can include handmade cards or art, and not only purchased flowers or pens. These small handmade gifts are more valuable to a teacher than a purchased item.

12.    Push the children to play out rather than watch television. Avoid long cell phone hours. Explain them that the cell phone has been provided to them for their safety, not for leisurely activities.

There! You are all set to cut your budget and start saving right away!


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