Why college students need to save a bit extra:

1.      Being independent is the biggest factor. Many students want to earn their own expenses.

2.      Utilizing free time: Some students give their leisurely hours for activities like teaching poor kids and charity workshops. This is a good business but it is better not to charge any fee for the sake of humanity.

3.      Experience: Students need to gain expertise in the work area and hence are moving on to part time jobs which help them to use their time effectively and fruitfully.

Though options are many, but in a country like India with so much of unemployment and little dignity of labor, starting an own business while juggling with studies may become a troublesome job. But still, parents and a little investment can soon change all that.

1.      Find out your strengths and weaknesses. If you are keen to start your own business, try to find out such a work which has flexible timings, low cost maintenance and high profits. Always bring studies as your first priority. For example, if you are a humanities student, then you must be good at English. Why not start a freelance writing job?

2.      In accordance to Indian context, the following 10 jobs might come handy:

·         Freelance writing; It is perhaps the best way to earn money. By sitting in the comfort of your home, you can bid for writing works which you can undertake. This not only makes you independent, but also improves your English skills, which is very important in today’s society.

·         Tutoring: If you are a bright student, why not give tuitions? This job will help you to improve your own grades by refreshment of old subjects like various maths and physics formula, chemistry equations, etc.

·         Beauty parlor: If you are a fashionista, then why not try your hands on this? First ask an expert to take you as an intern. Learn the works like hair grooming, make up, etc. You can earn a little fortune by being the makeup artist of your own school/college!

·          Selling newspapers: If you are an early to sleep, early to rise fellow, then this is a good job. After the morning time, you have the whole day for college, self studies, and hangouts. In this way, we can even get some exercise!!!

·         Providing vocational training: For example, painting, singing, dancing, teaching computer……the list is endless. This also helps to improve your own talents.

·         Running errands: The things like cleaning garage, gardening, grocery shopping, dog walking come under this category. Your neighbors would surely be happy when they see you around! Never forget to charge a minimal fee. In this way you can attract more customers as time has become more precious than money nowadays.

·         Love your campus: A college campus has always a big list of bizarre activities going on. Try to catch hold of this opportunity. Sell roses, ice creams, milkshakes, etc. Be the coolest guy of your batch!

·         Lights, camera and………..shoot! : Are you an ardent photographer? Try photo shoots or nature photography. You can click and sell photos required for college projects or for offices. But first learn from a professional.

·         Your best friend: Internet: Social marketing, selling e books, graphic designing, selling handmade items, writing ads, ….all on internet. Try your hands on websites like

·         Babysitting: Find babies and kids cute? Then this is the right job for you. This has a flexible timing as you usually work on weekends.

I hope you get some really cool ideas and start your own business…….it’s never too early nor too late!!!!!!!




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