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Author: Debashrita



Power point seminars: this term sounds equally familiar for both corporate professionals and students alike. Power point has really become an effective tool in the era of computers and internet. International seminars or just a mere lecture of Biology: all require a decent, yet attractive power point seminar.

First, let’s learn what’s a power point.

MS Power point is a software that is used to make presentations. These presentations are made up of several pages called slides.

Now, let’s talk about its uses. Its primary use is presentation of data in a systematic and attractive way to the audience. The data can be of any form like video, audio or simply containing word document with pictures. It is lot more appealing to the people than charts or other visual tools.

Finally, we can discuss how to make a good power point presentation:

      Add more visuals rather than text: Visuals like charts, pictures and graphs are more informative and interesting rather than original text. For pictures and graphs, click on insert and take your pick.

  • Change the background: You can change the background of your slide by the following ways:
  • Add colour to the background by clicking on format-background-more colors.
  • To apply a striking background, click on to fill colors-gradient/texture/pattern.
  • Not satisfied? Then click on design and choose your favorite. You can also customize your designs by using background styles, colors, effects and fonts.

      Put up a video: What can be more appealing to the audience more than a nice video? Making videos are easy, or else they can be straight downloaded from internet. Go to insert-movie/sound and apply selected file.

      A statistical approach: Bored with the same tables? Then choose Insert-smart art option and open up the striking features.

      Linguistic matters: Keep the language in your slides simple and effective. Do not directly copy from internet [for students] and paste in the slides. Remember, imagination, talent and creativity is the most required skills for a great power point show. And it is this originality that counts.

      Animate!: Click animate and select preferable animation. You can use the same animation for all the slides or have different animation for your slides. Click animation-custom animation-add effects-emphasis/motion paths/entrance/exit for more animations. You can also click on to transition sound option for more sounds which come along with the opening of each slide.

      Textual help: Need help with the text? Then click on to review. It contains the following options.

  • Spelling check
  • Research
  • Thesaurus
  • Language
  • Translate

      Apart from the above options, the review tool bar makes it possible to give comments on the slide, and it displays the comments on the slide too.

      Wonderful words: Highlight your text with word art option from insert menu.

Now how to act on to make a really nice seminar:

      Practice your speaking skills to be the star attraction of the seminar. Brush up the points thoroughly. Speak up those points only which are the most accurate and are not easily questionable for errors.

      Learn to be smart: Be sure to be prompt in answering the audience. Don’t get nervous if you are unaware of the answer to their query.

      Interact with the audience: Be it in form of a question answer session or a quiz, interact with the audience so that everyone can be benefitted.

      Effective time management: Don’t make the presentation too long so that people get bored. Instead, make it inquisitive so that you get the maximum discussion on the topic. That is the essence of seminars.

Power point seminars are cool, though they take time or creation. Making a nice power point with maximum utilization of time is the most important element of all, as time is precious. So be sure not to waste 5 hours for a 5 minute presentation.



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