Since 2010, I’ve been blogging with wordpress.com. Within 1 year, I’ve noticed that this place is a great site for expressing our views and ideas with other fellow bloggers with the same thinking: LIVE TO WRITE, AND WRITE TO LIVE. I feel that it’s better than social networking sites. Sorry, Facebook and Twitter lovers, I didn’t want to hurt you all, but these sites have shortcuts for everything. Nowadays, people have forgotten to write letters and instead send “‘scraps’ to each other, “like” the “tweets” and don’t feel like writing sentences. But here, we bloggers can write on almost all topics and seek comments for it. Take me, for example. I like to read books and magazines, so I’m learning how to write like you all. Frankly to speak the truth, my blog gets the least traffic. So you might be thinking, my writings are a waste? Not at all!  That’s the main advantage of blogging.  We learn writing ourselves. Here are my 6 points why blogging is the best thing to do once you are online:

  • IMPROVING WRITING SKILLS: Blogging is a great way to express yourself. If you are a prolific writer, you can use the same QWERTY keyboard that others use for chit chat, but still, you’ll be ahead of them. Writing is the best thing you can do when you get bored. If someone’s birthday’s round the corner, why don’t you send a poem written by yourself? Remember, originality is the most important thing that we have to maintain while blogging.
  • SAVING MEMORIES: Often people write their experiences in their old faithful diaries. But once you get them on the web, people get to read them. Diaries get moth eaten and torn, but your webpages don’t.
  • MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Who said that only Facebook and Twitter get friends? While blogging, if you are really a cool writer, then compliments will pour in, making you more able to write. And with so many people coming online everyday, you’ll surely find yourself a friend.
  • A NEW WAY TO LOOK AT THE WORLD: When you blog,  you create an identity of your own self, without any makeovers. A liitle place is made for you in this world of Internet, so you no longer remain Sam185 of Twitter, where we don’t get to know the original identities.
  • UNDERSTAND YOURSELF: When you write, try writing about your daily experiences so that you can relieve all your pressures out of your mind and get relaxed. The thoughts should come out of your heart, not forcibly written, just for the sake of writing. Haste makes waste. So take your own time to get away with your write ups.
  • STRIVING THROUGH COMPETITION: Competition, as we know, follows our life. So it is not astonishing that here also you’d have to compete with millions of bloggers around the world, to make a special place for yourself. This is a good thing, because your writing improves once you start competiting. Remember, billions use internet, but millions provide the writings to them. So whatever you write, take it up proudly.

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