The day was fine and was full of uncertainities

The day I met you

I had picked up a little fight

But we had settled the matter all right.

Friends at first sight

Yeah, we fight

But we get on tight

Because we are the best pals!

Everyday our bond gets stronger

We tend to talk longer

You help me and I help you

To get out of our hot brainy stews.

It was just the other day I had talked to you about me

I had cried and you had consoled me.

No one had understood me as you had

Maybe, you’re not that bad!

When I held you hand I lost fear

Tears disappointed and happiness was near……

Maybe just a fortnight has passed

My brows and sorrows are completely crashed.

I sing songs of jollym

You again showed me the path of fun and folly.

Thank you friend, for all your deeds

I’ll try to fulfill all your needs.

Now I don’t have any bother

As we’ll be

Friends forever…………….


7 responses to “THANK YOU FRIEND………

  1. Aw…so cute, I love it!

  2. Happy Friendship Day sweety!

  3. biswapratapmohapatra

    i can understand that the lines are for whom actually
    .bt its awesome

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