Since the day you left me

I’m in total darkness

There’s so much fun outside

But I’m still within.

I’m waiting for you to come back,

And make me your friend again

Cherishing those old memories

In broad daylight.

Yes, I’ve hope

I do have some hope

Though I’ve been shattered

And bartered.

Why don’t you realize my pain

My thoughts and agony?

Am I the one who’s inferior?

Am I the one who’s going to help others but not myself?

You’re back in my life again,

I hear of you, and cry for you.

Yet you won’t come back.

I’m sick of thinking about you the whole day.

Have you ever thought of me?

How much do I cry and wait for you?

With so much hope, I was with you

And planned to be friends all along

But I did seldom knew

Your brainy curfew

I was trapped, now I’m out

Though I’m still in.

Your name and face mesmerises me

I made myself proud because of you.

Dear friend, do come back,

Please come back,

Since the day you left me

I’m in total darkness.

I worked for your benefits all the time

Why is it that no one is a special friend of mine?

Is it because I’ve no outward shine?

Time has left its marks on me

From head to toe and face to knee

I’m unable to go out

There’s so much fun outside

But I’m still within.

I was bartered, yes for your selfishness

I mind it, yet ignore it.

Now I’m in doubt,

I can’t trust anyone

One scolds me for my foolishness

Another laughs on my childishness…….

Once I had a dear friend

Who was like me.

I wonder where he’s lost

Or has gone too far to be seen.



4 responses to “A DISTANT FRIENDLY HOPE……

  1. I love your poem “A Distant Friendly Hope”. It is very accurate in it’s description and I especially love the picture. Hi, I am Hidden In a Journal’s girlfriend and I just recently started my blog. Here is a link if you wanna check it out. I am still getting things organized so it is a bit messy. I also want to put up vlogs or videos of things that happen to me in my life. Anyway, Ty has said that you are a good friend on here so I though I would stop by. 🙂

  2. Great composition..doesn’t seem like one written by someone in school yet. 🙂
    Keep up the gud work!

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