School. Now I have begun to hate my school. Really.

In short, I’ve come to hate myself.

Despite of all my hardwork, everything has gone wrong  and now I think that during the whole academic session I’ve been wasting jokes on long faces.

On my long face.

Education has got to serve its purpose; and I really don’t find any sense that why should I be learning something when I really understand nothing of it. According to Einstein, facts can be always looked for in books, but what matters mostly are ideas. Frankly speaking, I dare to say that this does not happen over here. All we know here is to learn like a book worm and reproduce it in exams. And whoa, exams. So many types of exams. Monday tests, practice tests, Term end tests, entrance based examinations and much more. Today I want to ask to one and all who by mistakenly ever passed by my site: Is today’s education limited to these only?

And then the CBSE would uproar: We have introduced CCE[comprehensive and continuous evaluation] for our students which take care for their overall holistic development.

My mom still remembers the day when our school’s Headmaster sir had called all the parents of our class for explaining about CCE. No one understood anything, neither the parents and their kids, nor my teachers. The orders had come from the centre. No one could terminate it. I was in Class 9 then. From 22nd March, I’d be in class 12.  Many things have changed. Many lives have changed. Some have changed their lives by increasing their grades, some have lost interest in studies and run after co- curricular activities and the teachers have a tough time writing our long report cards.

All this in the name of education.

It’s not only my story, but it is the story of millions of those kids who are fighting in India to be something in life.

India has come a long way since independence. Many things have changed. The system and way of imparting education has also changed. This current CCE is a great help for the development of poor and average students, but for how long? After class 10 they come to know the heat of education, as I am facing now. All the constructive inferences seem to be destroying me now. So much that I had to think what to write about in my blog. I cannot write a poem now. I’ve gone blank. I know that I’ll qualify in the entrance examinations; there is no substitute to hardwork. This is Indian system of education, I can’t really change it. Maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe they are right and I’m wrong. Maybe. There are so many causes, with overflowing consequences.

I don’t know about me but all these are occuring to me because I love to write more than anything. I love to share ideas. This is my idea of spreading education. Till today in most of the competitions the judges see the creativity of the projects in our schools, not the idea and research behind it. What to say. There’s lot more, but for now I can’t write anymore. More next time.



  1. I’ve been waiting a long time for a new blog post from you, and I must say that I’m not disappointed. It’s so refreshing to see someone else who looks beyond what schools have expected us to do. Sure, I can memorize terms easily, but am I necessarily learning? Barely. I live in the U.S., but trust me, it’s about the same here as it is there, and schools continue to set the bar lower for students. I’m blessed to be homeschooled, so I can escape just a little bit of this, but I still have to deal with the fact that I’m not actually improving myself through school. Like I said, I can memorize terms easily. I have a great memory. I’m good with facts and I normally don’t like to venture far from that. I have the potential to be creative, but no one ever pushes me to BE creative or try something new, so I don’t. It’s really frustrating, but I guess all I can do is push myself harder.
    …did any of what I just said make sense? XD

  2. Definitely it makes sense. Thanks for the tremendous support!

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