Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Not me, of course!:]

Today I was really standing confused infront of the mirror. I was looking at my face, searching for any little sign of whiteness. But alas, I found none. I felt powerless. I’ve been using a whitening cream that promises fairness in just a week; it has already been a week but Oh my God! I’m looking the same!!!!!! I’m also using a facewash that removes oil and dirt from my face. Luckily that’s working.

I got a chance to think about my face today morning, when the electricity got cut off once again. I was profusely sweating. So I had a nice bath and afterwards, I put on that cream on my face. But my face started sweating once again! It’s meant to protect my skin from sun, but how do they manage to say all these glorious lies, I seldom know. Media, I suppose, is a bit liar.

Well, I can’t prove them wrong, either. But the thing of matter is that, how did I ever got persuaded by mom to use all these silly things? Yuck! Actually I hate them. Lots of make ups and fashionable clothes: Do I want to look like a filthy rockstar???? Oh no, not at all!!! I see so many advertisements which cry out: Fairness in a week, or Youthful looking skin in just 2 weeks……….Damn them. Customers get confused which one to buy. And almost their prices and packets are same. Then why the mess???? Powders and oils and lotions during winter are mandatory. I don’t know how people handle so many things on their face. Doesn’t it feel heavy for them? After all, isn’t there enough weight to handle in this world? Whom are they trying to fool by saying that they can make ladies look 5 years younger? Not me atleast. The cream I use is Rs 150 for 10 gms[Bad investment, huh?]. And tey can range upto 3000/- here[I don’t know about other countries].

I want to leave using them ,but I can’t. I want to look fairer. I’m hearing those damned lies. Yes, I’m fooling myself. But what I can do? I THINK I’M GETTING A BIT GIRLY! GUYS, SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!




4 responses to “I THINK I’M GETTING A BIT GIRLY!!!

  1. hhahahhahaa lol!! 🙂 😀
    a gud one must say..
    bt since wen did u catch that girlie gal attitude! 😛

  2. hehhee lol! well said 🙂

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