Yesterday I had a frantic scream: by seeing the movie titled: The Ring. The name seems fine until you reach the depths of it. I was just randomly going through the channels when my eyes suddenly glanced at a lady. She must be in her mid 30’s, and her name was Rachel[in the movie]. She was beautiful, so I sat to watch that movie. I seldom knew that what was going to happen next.

Yesterday was a normal day, like all days. I was alone at home. So to kill boredom, I sat watching TV. The moment I saw that movie, I somehow got an inclination to see it. Curiosity kills the cat, they say, but actually it nearly killed me!!!! By the time I watched it, it had already half finished.

The story goes on like this: The Morgans lived on an island. They always tried to have a child, but they couldn’t. Especially Anna Morgan. She had more than 60 miscarriages but she simply won’t stop! Finally, they adopted a child called Samara. I don’t know actually what was her problem, but she never slept. She could never sleep because Mr Morgan made her sleep with the horses in the barn. And whatever image came to her mind was transferred on the paper directly without pencils or crayons. Creepy. She was admitted in a hospital but nothing seemed to cure her.   Finally, in a fit of rage, she killed Samara and threw her into a well in a lonely place. The well was dark, and when Samara regained consciousness, she was inside it. She survived only seven days inside, and died.

Here comes the real twist…..somehow the ghost of poor[I’m saying poor because she had been murdered] Samara has caught up with Rachel’s son, Aiden. He must be 10 years old. He wcribbling madly as Samara used to think and most of the time, his nose bled and he had marks on his hands. Now it’s time for Rachel to save her son. She gets to know the story by a doctor, who lives on the same island. Clue by clue, art by art, she gathers her mind and her son’s paintings to reveal the real  truth. She gets to know everything and somehow manages to give Samara a decent burial along with her friend. She returns home happily. But all’s not well. When Aidan listens about Samara, he explains: ”Don’t you understand Rachel? She never sleeps.” Then his nose bleeds again. At the same time, Rachel’s friend finds horror. The TV set automatically starts and Samara comes out of the well, and then into the room. She was wearing a white gown and her long hairs covered her face, and then she raises her head. She’s covered with fungus. Then………………………………………..

…………….A blackout! I was scared! Horror films really bite off my head! But I had sympathies too. How come Anna kill Samara? She did everything for that child, and yet……….

Whatever may be, I was really astonished and scared by what I saw. Just then the phone rang. It was my friend Sonali! No wonder my hands were shaking when I answered her. I couldn’t forget thinking about that movie which made me so afraid that I’m only getting it’s images in my mind! I prayed to God to give me strength………

Wonder why the movie is called The Ring…..Hollywood films are damn scary, dude!


4 responses to “THE RING

  1. Your better than I am. I used to scared at Jurassic Park when the dinosaur roared into the rear-view mirror. xD

  2. You know, I hate horror films (seriously, I HATE them), but I actually wanna see that! It sounds so interesting!

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