15th August, the red letter day

Another one has just passed away

The date in 2011 will never be heard of again,

Like the values of veggies in my today’s market bargain.

Independence, democracy…………what do we think about these?

Nothing but topics to be melted with breads along cheese.

Till today we are afraid for night outs

When I’m away from house my mother has so many doubts.

Afraid, to think I might be alone

Or might be just……….gone.

Why am I dependent till today?

Is it my fault, or of my countrymen?

Oh, this transitory world is so cruel

They can use me up as a fuel.

No food, no water, no electricity,

Is this the right to live?

The right to justice? The right to equality?

Just having the right to vote.

And the right to rot……….

Here, in this very soil of my country

Though the resources are in bounty

There are some things that can’t be done

And foreigners have the guts to call us:

Damned Indians!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the so called Independence?

We’re still dependent on someone…….

For fuel, for money,for respect………

And for ourselves………..

I hate this!

I want to be independent!

Let’s spread this to all the Indians……..let them be proud of their motherland………and deserve the respect they desire!

Vande mataram!!!!!!!



  1. great thoughts dear!
    happy independence day anyway!

  2. Love this message!

    And might I ask, what does “Vande mataram” mean?

  3. Oh at my country we do not have an independence day, but I share your feeling, I think. But I am not really sure about the rest. Perhaps it is the economies stupid or even myself.

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