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Climate change is a transformation in the distribution of weather patterns over long periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. Since the formation of the earth 4.54 billion years ago, the earth has undergone 5 major extinctions, mostly due to these climatic changes i.e. a cyclic pattern between the ice ages and the warmer ones. And we are heading on towards the current Holocene extinction event very fast. Most of us shoo off this topic as merely an exaggeration about global warming, but it is actually happening, and if we visualize the situation in the terms of a country like India, the situation is worsening with each passing day. It is indeed a shame for us that Chennai has overtaken Delhi as the most polluted city of the world.


India puts a great pressure on its existing natural resources, even more profoundly than its counterparts because it is a developing nation. The water table is depleting fast, the summers are getting longer and hotter, and the rain spells are getting erratic. The sea levels are rising due to the polar ice caps and glaciers melting at a pace like never before.


The biggest crisis of India is that its population is dwelling in ignorance. Most of the people have no idea about global warming, and even if they have, they are not bothered about it. And our nation has a plethora of other problems, which need greater attention than the climate. Illiteracy and lack of basic education and health facilities in many parts of rural India top the chart.


Most of the people in our country do not have the purchasing power for food and fuel. Immigration to the cities in the search for a better life adds to the pressure on the existing limited drinking water and electricity. However, the pollution contributed by the richer nations should not be compared with the pollution coming from the poorer ones; the former use it for the increasing lifestyle of luxury and comfort, while the latter utilize it for their survival. Today, necessity has become a luxury, due to the ever increasing greed of humans. And global warming is the perfect example of this phenomenon, disrupting  forests, lives and livelihoods.

Nearly 60% of the population is agrarian in nature, and our country has more than a billion mouths to feed. Agriculture takes up nearly 90% of the fresh water resources of our country, and with depletion of the water table and with the increase in the production of water demanding crops like rice and wheat, the situation is getting grim. We are facing the aftermath of the Green Revolution. Frequent drought spells are getting common mainly in the central and the eastern parts of the nation. Denganmal, a village in Maharashtra, where people keep more than one wives just to fetch water from long distances should be an eye opener for all of us. Latest statistics report that India will run out of drinking water by the year 2040.  Farmer suicides are a reminder for us that the provider of food has himself no food security.


The change in the sea levels is leading to powerful cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis every year.  Salt water intrusion in low lying agricultural plains could lead to food insecurity , spread of water related diseases and lack of fresh water.

India houses 3 biodiversity hotspots from 32 present: the Indo-Burma region, the Western Ghats and the Himalayas. The endemic amphibian species of the Western Ghats are fast dying out. The rare and exotic plants of the Himalayas are fast disappearing even before we get to know about their astounding medicinal properties. India has now only 23.07% of its forests left. Illegal logging for agriculture, grazing lands, urbanization and commercial plantation are the major causes of deforestation.


Destruction of the wild habitats is leading to a more exposed interaction of humans and animals, and hence, strange and often incurable diseases are cropping up from the warmer parts of the planet. The maladies are spreading on to the colder regions too, due to the gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth, which has increased by 0.6 degrees in the last century.


Greater political and bureaucratic attention is needed to diversify the livelihoods of the poor people to reduce their vulnerability. We need to have a significant increase of targeted investments in crop production and management e.g. crop rotation, mixed crop production and organic farming and advanced irrigation systems like drip irrigation and water sprinkler approaches, which should be given to smaller farmers at a subsidised rate. We need to utilise the maximum amount of our existing agricultural lands by using genetically hybrid crops which are more tolerant to the environmental stresses like droughts and floods. There is an immediate need for placing water meters in every Indian home for checking the water usage.

Afforestation will not only help in conserving forests and decreasing desertification, it will also help restoring the water table, in tackling natural disasters and in regaining the livelihoods of the people who are dependent on forestry. Crop pollination needs mutual coordination between the plants and the pollinators like honey bees. Hence, this would ensure maximum food production naturally.

It takes about 10 kgs of grain to produce 1 kg of meat. This contributes to the global warming and our failing health. Hence, people need to shift from a non vegetarian to a vegetarian diet. Buying fresh produce would lead to the practice of rooftop hydroponics, which is cheap and easy to produce, and would definitely act as a combat towards excess plastic packaging layers. Use of plastic bags need to be banned immediately. People need to use cloth/jute bags for getting their groceries.


The good old 3Rs : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle still hold true. We need to reduce our usage of packaged materials. We need to buy less. We need to reuse old clothes, books, toys and stuff. And finally, newspapers, bottles and scrap should be recycled. Scrap materials from used automobiles and e wastes should be treated properly and can be re used. Instead of recycling, we can burn the waste materials in waste incinerators and can generate electricity.


The development of a country largely depends upon the growth of the small scale industries. Amount of carbon produced is the benchmark of development. The small scale industries cannot cope up with the Clean Development Mechanisms initiated by the international communities. Hence, the laws enforced for the national and the international giants in the markets should not be imposed on these units. Rather, the government should bring on some innovative solutions in collaboration with the national leading institutions at a subsidised rate so that they can both thrive and prosper under the new laws, without compromising their income.


More number of nuclear power plants need to be setup in our country. And most importantly, the myths associated with the nuclear effects need to be sorted out first. Solar based water pumps in certain areas of Sambalpur district in Odisha has led to the efficient utilisation of water with the demonstration of an excellent use of solar energy. The Canal Solar Power Project launched in Gujarat, uses 19,000 Kilometers long network of Narmada canals across the state for setting up solar panels to generate electricity. Energy efficient systems are the need of the hour. Our country is a fast growing economy, with a lot of business opportunities. Hence, alliances with powerhouses can serve as a blessing for those 400 million people who do not have a proper access to electricity. Biogas is being implemented by village people since long, and is a perfect example of utilisation of organic farming. Using natural products is only possible if sustainable development is undertaken hands on with technologically feasible solutions for the environment.


India, being an affordable holiday destination for many, can serve as a heaven for ecotourism.  It leads to the preservation of the nature as well as works towards the protection and enhancement of job opportunities for the forest loving communities.


When we consume less energy, we spend less on energy. Hence, it is cost effective. Thus, we need to create laws for automobile and aviation industries, furnaces and miscellaneous factories to keep a check on their emissions, as per the standard norms decided by the governing bodies. By purchasing energy efficient gadgets, we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Awareness is need to be created amongst people for safer practices for nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, so that people are alert towards their changing environmental conditions and get more health conscious. More number of nutrition programs and clinics need to be functional in the rural areas for the proper diagnosis and the treatment of the people in a short period of time. Telemedicine and Any Time Medicine technologies can bring radical changes in the history of treatment.


There is a need for more number of people who can enhance sustainability development like agricultural scientists, ecologists and biotechnologists. People need to be more aware of their opportunities as scientists and the role they have to play in the society. Extra amount of the country’s budget needs to be spent on the research and development sectors to bring on more innovative and challenging solutions for tackling the environmental issues.

Keeping the frequent natural disasters in view, there is an urgent need for advanced weather forecasting systems and their timely broadcasting in our country to ensure minimum damage to lives and property.

We need to promote cities with excellent public transport facilities and need to encourage them to use ethanol and CNG. We need to convince our farmers to grow bio fuel crops like jatropha, camelina, switch grass and willows; along with normal food crops. These grow well in poor soil and use up less fertilizers. These are high in cellulose, and produce low carbonic fuels.


The solutions to these challenges are definitely not simple, and are not at all possible if they are only implemented by the government. Participation of the common mass is equally important to make these projects a success. More awareness is needed to be created amongst the public about their role towards the environment and their future. There is so much of positivity around us. We just need to make them happen.




Remember the line from the movie 3 idiots: “Life is a race”? Yes, you have got it all right. Our lives are now dangling from the post. Because we have now completed Class 12 and have still no idea about what we want to be when we “grow up”.

Its really traumatic for me and millions of students like me to figure out a line which they want to make their destination. With 2 years of hard labor for board and entrance exams, congratulations to all those guys who have qualified with flying colors. One of my classmates has secured 96% in CBSE 12th Board Exams and got a seat under Aeronautical Engineering in IIT Chennai. Brilliant guy, lucky enough? Well this may sound absurd, but actually both hard work and luck play equal roles in administrating our career. My friend secured 94% and did qualify NEET 2013 [like me], but still she’s dropping a year because this year we have no idea what is going on. The counseling dates for various states are not yet out. She’s dropping, because: [most possible reasons]

·         She is determined to crack NEET next year and fulfill her dream of becoming a successful cardiologist.

·         Next time luck will surely favor her as in one year she would have learnt many things. God will surely reward her for her hard work.

·         She’s not prepared to learn something else.

I feel the third point is not with me and many students. We know we have to make something out of our lives, but sadly we can’t pinpoint to a direction. Even after career counseling, we are unable to make a decision. But why?

Perhaps the answer lies in us.

I believe the following points are responsible for our fallacy:

·         Choosing wrong stream after class 10. It is really better to get 90% in Arts rather than scoring 50% in Science stream. One of my classmates wanted to learn Economics. But her father pushed her into Science stream. She could never pass a single class test.

·         Decision taken by parents instead of students for their liking subject. True, I admit that a parent will always choose a career which has more money; but if the child wants to study history, what’s wrong in that? Remember, its your life, not your parents, that is going to be affected by perhaps the biggest decision of your life till date.

·         Jack of all trades, master of none. I’m the perfect example. I love biology. So I wanted to become a doctor/zoologist. I love physics too. Hence I wanted to become a space scientist. I love uniforms, marching and salute. So I wanted to join Air Force. So many thoughts. But I was going coaching for engineering entrance exams. Hence, somehow I did qualify but I failed to live up to even my own expectations.

·         Being smart is another factor. You are so good in all the subjects that sometimes you fail to realize where you can exploit your maximum potentials.

So after all the results of entrance exams are out, we students are seen scrambling in front of various educational institutions. If not medical, then engineering. If not engineering, then B.Sc. or other Vocational courses. Have you prioritized your life in this way? If not this then that? If we would try to stick to a particular line, perhaps the competition in various entrances would also lessen up. We try to have our hands full all the time, but end up with empty pockets. Of course there are less seats and a vast population and a lot of reservations, but we can’t change that. We have to live under the system. But we need to think out of the box. Something new. Why do we choose B.Sc. if we don’t qualify in professional courses? Is it really that bad? Not at all. It all depends on our dedication and performance. Our mindsets. Everything is okay. We just need to change our thinking perspectives. After all, we are the future of our country.

So guys like me, cheer up. And my juniors, do take my advice seriously. This is our chance to make history. So get, set and go!



Yesterday as I was idling around, I decided to watch TV. A programme called Maharana Pratap is being aired on Sony Entertainment Television nowadays. I love to gorge on history, so I chose to watch it rather than Shinchan or Ninja Hattori.

So, some fast facts on the Maharana:

Maharana Pratap Singh
The Ruler of Mewar
RajaRaviVarma MaharanaPratap.jpg
Reign 1568–1597
Born May 9, 1540
Birthplace Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India
Died January 19, 1597 (age 57)
Predecessor Udai Singh II
Successor Amar Singh[1]
Consort Maharani Ajbade Punwar[2]
Issue Amar Singh
Bhagwan Das
Royal House Sisodia, Suryavanshi Rajput Raja of Mewar
Father Maharana Udai Singh II
Mother Maharani Jaivantabai[2]
Religious beliefs Hinduism

My concern is not for this great patriot of  India who fought endlessly  to keep India away from Mughal Empire and had fought in the Battle of Haldighati.But what has kept torturing me since yesterday is this:

Can you see the flames in the picture? This is a traditional jauhar ritual going on. This potrait refers to the First Jauhar of Chittor conducted when Allaudin Khilji attacked Mewar.

Jauhar  refers to the ancient Indian Rajput Hindu tradition of honorary self-immolation of women and subsequent march of men to the battlefield (against any odds) to end their life with respect. It was followed by the Rajput clans in order to avoid capture and dishonour at the hands of muslim invaders.

Jauhar (also spelled jowhar) was originally the voluntary death on a funeral of the queens and female royals of Rajput kingdoms defeated by Muslim rulers. The term is extended to describe the occasional practice of mass suicide carried out in medieval times by Rajput women and men. Mass self-immolation by women was called jauhar. This was usually done before or at the same time their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons rode out in a charge to meet their attackers and certain death.

After reading the meanings of all these, I was literally shocked. For the fear of defeat, the Rajput women chose death rather than being taken in chains by the Muslim invaders, mainly refering to the Mughal Empire. But why?

Mummy explained: “After being caught by the Mughals, the Rajputs would have been tortured severely. Men would have been killed, either during the war or after being captured, while women and children were molested and children too, killed. In this way the Mughals could instill fear in the people of their new kingdom. Then only the people will be subordinate to the king.”

Now I understood. To save their honor, the women decided to kill themselves rather than fall prey in the hands of the lust locked enemy. Really, its a feat, a great achievement as there was no other body at that time which could save these brave ladies. I salute them.

My eyes were filled with tears by the time I read the whole article in Wikipedia.

Here’s my summary of the results of the wars in 16th Century India: a MURDER system

Mass killings through war
Rape and molest
Enhance power
Radiate to new kingdoms

And so, it went on…………………and continues to exist till today. Surprised? No surprise. Till recently, the practice of sati[ forcibly putting the widow on the pyre of her husband] was going on in our so called Independent India. Fortunately, with the help of common people, social activists and the Indian Government, this shit has come to a shutdown.

But the story of molestation never ends.

There has been a sharp fall in the number of foreign tourists. India is not a safe place for women. Infact, it is getting on at par with Islamic countries where most of the basic rights for women are denied. Everyday in the newspapers we read about girls being molested and killed.  We also hear about prostitution, child trafficking, and what not. All of us are equally responsible. True, we are speeding like anything on the path of education and technological development, only to simply cancel it out in this negative direction though this shameless acts. Wolves are everywhere; at the marketplace, work place and amongst our near and dear ones. They keep on terrorising us. My parents never leave me alone outside. They know what type of kid I am: A foolish and stupid kid who understands nothing about this world, this cruel and wicked society. Whenever I go out alone to the neighborhood market, guys do stare at me. Some give a slight chase and then give their best smiles and speed away on their bikes. I am not beautiful. Then why me???????

We readily come up to light candles when anyone has passed away due to such henious act, but never have the courage to wipe out those goons completely. We never mind things until and unless they happen to us. This modernisation has deprived us of selflessness and humanity. Movies affect a lot of youngsters to try out these blasted things but the movie makers don’t attempt to stop these. They just check out the box office, that’s all.

In an article I had read that the attitude of paedophiles makes us remember about the ancient Homo sapiens. This behaviour is considered to be very primitive as it was related to increase the population of the species. Now the situation doesnot demand that. Then why are men showing up such peculiar behaviour?

Part of a series on
against women

Maybe Science has the answer. Or History. I just have no idea. The possibilities are endless. Everything is related in this world. I connected jauhar with molestation and learnt so much. Next day someone might connect it with another item with solid evidence.

I promise I won’t call TV an idiot box anymore.


Courtesy: Wikipedia


15th August, the red letter day

Another one has just passed away

The date in 2011 will never be heard of again,

Like the values of veggies in my today’s market bargain.

Independence, democracy…………what do we think about these?

Nothing but topics to be melted with breads along cheese.

Till today we are afraid for night outs

When I’m away from house my mother has so many doubts.

Afraid, to think I might be alone

Or might be just……….gone.

Why am I dependent till today?

Is it my fault, or of my countrymen?

Oh, this transitory world is so cruel

They can use me up as a fuel.

No food, no water, no electricity,

Is this the right to live?

The right to justice? The right to equality?

Just having the right to vote.

And the right to rot……….

Here, in this very soil of my country

Though the resources are in bounty

There are some things that can’t be done

And foreigners have the guts to call us:

Damned Indians!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the so called Independence?

We’re still dependent on someone…….

For fuel, for money,for respect………

And for ourselves………..

I hate this!

I want to be independent!

Let’s spread this to all the Indians……..let them be proud of their motherland………and deserve the respect they desire!

Vande mataram!!!!!!!


Since many days, I’m at home, waiting for my Std Xth CBSE Exam Board results. Within these days, it’s true that I’ve become a couch potato and get glued near my TV and laptop; but I’ve also got a lot of time to think apart classes and tuitions. There are many things that schools can, but they usually don’t care to teach since they consume time which can be used to inculcate education and sports in students. Here is my list of such activities: { if you have more ideas, then please drop down some lines:] }

1. SELF RESPECT: In this case, I’m talking about myself. I’ve got a stage fearness and it got worse when I reached Class X. Being the School Captain, I had to deliver a speech on the eve of Republic Day. But, just see my cursed fate, I forgot my speech, infront  of the whole crowd and the principal. I felt so embarassed that day. Year after year, competition for getting best in academics was increasing, so was my determination for achievement. My responsibilities were also increasing. So I eventually lost my balance and experienced the blues. But, after my family and friends confronted me, I was okay again and regained my self respect back. School teachers and juniors only commented on me.


2. TO BE SAVED FROM BULLYING: I’d like to thank God that I’ve never bullied or become a victim of bullying. I’ve read many articles about bullying, and how teachers and parents mistake it for just small fights between kids. But this can lead to the victim being depressed at later stage in life and the bullies being criminals. According to a new study, 30% of bullies consumed alcohol and did criminal activities 4 times more than the kids who aren’t. Infact, school is the starting place for bullying and now it has taken a new turn: cyber bullying. Eventually, the victim may commit suicide under peer pressure. In one year alone, 14 kids killed themselves because they were bullied in Japan. When the tormentors were arrested, they merely said, ‘it was fun’.

3. MONETARY VALUES: Schools often teach life values to children, but what the life’ll be without money? It’s rightly said that ” any fool can make money, but it takes a wise man to save it.” Children should be taught to save money, so part time jobs are the best option. But in a country like India, where unemployment is vast, part time jobs are difficult to come. I’m also searching job for last 2 months, but I’ve failed. I see my parents working hard, almost 10 hours a day. I avoid pocket money, I believe in ‘work and pay’ option. And all my saved money from running errands for my mother goes into the piggy bank.


You must have learnt and heard about Mathematics, Economics, Mechanics……. But unsystematics? Well, I’ve made my own word, unsystematics, meaning lack of time management and a lot of unsystematic works around us. I was unable to understand this when my mother used to explain me about the systems management in our country, and how difficult it is to strive in there. She even challenged me that I cannot travel alone, nor I can do anything easy like she does. For eg. depositing money in the bank. So I was determined, ready to face her challenge, I agreed, and set afoot[with my punctured bicycle in the hot sun]. My mother gave me Rs 500/- and her passbook. ”Go carefully”, she advised. I was rather angry and replied reluctantly, ”I’ll show you what I can achieve”.

I went walking, carrying my cycle with me. Good heavens, when I reached the cycle store, it was closed for the day. ”Now I have to walk to the bank all the way”, I thought. The walk took almost 10 minutes only, but it was made worse by the sorching heat.  Soon, I reached my destination. I was exhausted and drenched in sweat, but I was happy. I went upstairs the building and into the bank. The bank was surprisingly clean and beautiful. I admired it. But I was not at all happy with their service. I approached a peon uncle to help me fillup the form. He agreed. I thanked him. I thought then that my work is over. But I seldom knew that I had to wait for 15 minutes more for another banker to arrive and who would take care of me.

I approached to the other present banker, but in vain. He refused, though my mother had said that he was a good person. Any way, I was sitting on the sofa, without a  breeze blowing on my face. It was looking like a ripe tomato with numerous dew drops. At last, that aunty arrived. Then she again made me wait for 10 minutes. Soon, the work was over. I was thrilled. I jumped on the stairs, onto the ground and walked off in a happy daze. But the walk was again tedious. I had started my journey at 9.45 am, and reached home at 10.30 am. Nearly one hour. So much fuss for such a deposit. If this is the case, then our time is getting wasted. And I solely blame the system our country has.

Everyone’s time is precious. We need to be punctual. But this doesn’t work well in our country. If I’m punctual, the banker was not. How many more decades would be required for this, I’m uncertain. In this case, a sense of time management should be knocked among people so that more productive works can be done in the remaining time. A sense of  systematic will be generated. And my definition would be declared rubbish.


There’s something about this game,

Which has earned so much fame.

 Cricket is the ultimate thing that we understand,

 For it we leave our work unplanned.

 There’s no antidote for cricket mania,

 People also forget the game of Sania.

But only helping hands and praying lips,

 Equipments and a few tips,

Overcome our fever

Which makes us excitedly shiver.

Hunger and thirst are forgotten,

Other necessities get rotten.

“Cricket and cinema are our religion’’, this is what Indians say,

For these they are ready to face any situation, comes what may.

 The glimmering lights and the jeering crowd,

Makes cricket feel truly proud.

And this world cup of 2011

 Graced India from the magic of heaven.

Indian players lifted the world cup with joy,

Other people soon engaged in the celebration by and by.

 When Dhoni hit a six,

The Srilankans were in a fix,

India won the game,

 A huge fame to claim.

This season is going to get all the more interesting,

 With DLF IPL in the clearing.

This game of glorious uncertainties,

Is the main cause of our festivities,

Play or pacify, that’s the way,

For a new achievement, a new joy.

Well, I don’t have any might for its continuation,

But this is, and will be my favourite; that’s my decision.

I hope this game of gentlemen

 Will get more popularity in the coming gens*.

Oh, this cricket fever,

Is going to end never.